Friday, 10 September 2010


Looks like we might have finally sorted the recording dates for our third album. Will be confirmed at the weekend, but it looks like we're all set for December, should be recorded before Christmas, mixed just after. Still got *lots* to do, there's so many songs and ideas flying around. We're starting to finish stuff off now and focus on it being an album. Do people still listen to albums as collective works, or are they just a series of mp3s? is it worth putting too much thought on 'side 1' and 'side 2'? There's vinyl, CD and digital formats to think about, I'm not totally sure how we will approach that this time around. The Dividing Line had a different tracklist on the LP/CD, but we never really put any thought into the digital side of things. Maybe we're just dinosaurs.

ANYWAY, the songs are sounding good, I think. shorter and faster. A head on collision between Discharge style punk and technical death metal. Have a bit of that. Describing songs is boring though, as is bands talking about their new album, saying it's the best thing they've ever done. They always say that, and they're usually wrong. Most people seem to like our first album and think the second one is shit. I think the second is well better. Would have been even better with Pushead artwork, but the dog ate his homework. Got another decent name on board to do artwork this time, so hopefully he'll come through. Fingers crossed.

In other news, Hicks and Gillett could be on their bikes on October 6th!!!!!! Exciting. Fuck these pair of vultures. YNWA.

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