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SSScan this....

KEYWORDS: quick response, bar code, advertising, marketing...FORGET IT...SSScan this

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Half a heavy metal band
Exciting times here at SSS hq

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


For our friends in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool and for anyone who has had enough of the human scum walking the streets...

rancid vermin scumbag meat
live in a rat nest on my street
for the neighbourhood torment that you have done
next i see you going to have my fun

tables turned now you will learn
close your eyes yes this will hurt

brick your teeth in so you cant talk
sockets twist untill they pop
fists open your eyes so you cant see
stand on your throat making it hard to breath

tables turned now you will learn
close your eyes yes this will hurt
kept alive but wont ever walk strait again
roll around spread the word warn your toe rag dickhead friends


de ja vu you still havent learnt
close your eyes again this will hurt

Friday, 15 July 2011


"NOW 8" Mix tape from this months Terrorizer mag issue 212 / 2011
.....heres the article...

 ....put words to sound and moving pictures below

1- McRad
"Weakness/McShred" from Absence of Sanity lp (Beware Records, 1987)
Powell Perelta "Public Domain" 1988

BANG, 1st song out the trap ,here we go.
This lp was on heavy repeat in '88 and to this day conjures up smells of hot concrete, grinding indys down to the axle on freestanding curbs, dreams of endless summers and adolescent better times. McRad are for me THE sk8rock band to make you grab your stick and hit the streets.

2- Mercyful Fate
"Devil Eyes" from Nuns Have No Fun EP (Rave-On Records 1982)
Sk8 Vid - Consolidated "is what it is" 1999
Lets keep the pace going...
King Diamond and APs sk8ing brought out the operatic/screaming/shrieking/shralping in all of us. Was always impressed by the constantly relentless high hat tsk-tsk, and those roto toms bounce round your head. Superb heavy metal. You need new trainers?, remember , DONT DO IT!
3 - Bl'ast!
"Surf and Destroy" from The Power of Expression (Wishingwell Records 1986)
Sk8 Vid - Santa Cruz - "Streets on Fire"
Listened to this a millions times and wont ever get sick of it. Squealing quitars, Clifford growling and lead guitar on a h/c record! Yes way!. Bl'ast! surpassed their heroes, those being Black Flag and SSD. Blasphemy? what do you know - its the truth. Life is Pain.
4 - Firehose
"Brave Captain" from Ragin,Full-On (SST records 1986)
Sk8 Vid - Santa Cruz "wheels on fire" 1989
2nd trick ,720 degree spin on a fire hydrant ?!?
what was that? rewind, rewind. Natas Kaupas what kind of name is that? Spell it backwards and whos other name do you get? it sent nervous parents running for cover. "Brave captain" got its guitar hooks latching into my head and wont ever leave.
5- 411
"Face the Flag" from This Isnt Me (Cargo Records 1990)
Sk8 vid - New Deal "1281" 1991
Mike Vallelys section was all meat and potatoes in 1281, made even more enjoyable due to this song. 411 had melody and introspective lyrics ,a true soundtrack for the 90's season of evolutionary change that took place within both sk8ing and hardcore. 
6 - Dystopia
"Self Defeating Prophecy"
(Life Is Abuse/Misanthropic Records/Crawlspace Records 1999)
Sk8 Vid - AntiHero skateboards "Cash,Money,Vagrant"

Dystopia are way more than just music.
Crusty downtuned doom riffage with songs tackling world pollution, depression, environmentalism, animal rights, veganism and bitter visions of religion.
Have that misanthropic dirge over Peter Hewitt raw unpolished sk8ing was a match made in hell.
The tape got played untill it eventually snapped. Antihero? never heard of them...
7 - Kinghorse
"Greatest gift" from self titled lp  (Caroline Records 1990)
Sk8 Vid - Santa Cruz "Risk it" 1990
Bought this lp for 99p  on the strength of the Pushead cover alone.
Kinghorse was a mad mix of tempo changes and hanging vocals and enough metal widdle riffage to sink a ship and noone knew its hidden metal powers apart from me.
The opening riff on Mike Youseffpours section blew my tiny mind ,as did his airs to fakie.
The producers name bigger than the bands?! Danzig is at it with the little man syndrome.
8 - John Coltrane
"Traneing In" by Prestige records 1957
Sk8 Vid - Blind Video Days 1991
Last song to cleanse your palet and heres some jazz, thats right JAZZ, a little bit of culture and sophistication for you heavy metal heathens.Everything is raw in the video, the Gonz is an allround ripper and pushed sk8ing to new levels and beyond. The 180  after the wallenberg four is the best. You know he's high.  Get the cheese board out ,let your ears breath and sit back and relax.

There you go...but how longs a piece of string... far to many bands/sections to mention

 add to the list ,comment your faves
In no particular order. xtra video parts that used to get played and played and played

Hunger Farm 
"Birdtalk" from st 7" 
Sk8 Vid - 'Full Power Trip' Gullwing 1990 -Neil Blender/Jason Jessee
Hunger Farm 
Abortion Stories - st 7" 
Sk8 Vid - 'Full Power Trip' Gullwing 1990 - Matt Hensley

"Tommy the Cat" " from "Suck On This" 1989 
Sk8 Vid - 'Plan B "Questionable" 1992 - Pat Duffy 
The slappy after the handrail is one of the rawest things ever

Man IS The Bastard
Sk8 Vid - "LORD clothing" 1994 - H
 H visiting old Liverpool sk8spots long gone. human wreckage caught on film

Friday, 8 July 2011

Dismembered arm.....but the body and head live

Its all happening but what does it all mean? Time to join the dots - for people who may not be familiar with recent events. Rupert Murdoch owns news corporation. An organisation that controls a vast amount of daily newspapers and subscription tv, read and watched by millions each and everyday has come upstuck once again. It hasnt been the first time the organisation has come under fire over the decades. Close to home ,The Sun newspaper  in april 1989 reported untruths about Liverpool football fans at the disaster that took place at Hillsborough were 96 football fans died.
The song 3:06 was written on our last record "The Dividing Line" railing aginst the lack of  investigation and cover up from the south yorkshire police. 
A 22 year boycott of the Sun newspaper is still strong in our city today.  Dont by the Sun campaign 

Again News corp is underfire. The Suns sister tabloid newspaper the News of the World will be no more after this sunday. Its downfall was due to the withdraw of major advertising and public boycott over the outrage of phone hacking and the subsequent underhanded sensational  stories that ended up in print .  

"Cathode Control" was written primarily about TV but its applicable to all forms of media.  
How what we view and read shapes our own aswell as public opinions
 How our appetite for salicious gossip is more important than true news and real discussion

Below are some links for further reading/viewing

Monday, 4 July 2011


From "Problems to the Answer" cd - OUT NOW -

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Stayed at main man Grims in Newport on the way home from COrnwall. Park to park in this yellow sports car of his. Seat right back ala Hightower in Police Academy, head out the sunroof. Did these 3 parks in a day. Best thing done in ages. The mob we were with was a laugh. Had "Baby James" in the back with us. Talking about bands and he came out with "Curruption of Conformity". and "Dee-lin-ger escape plan" in this wooly back southern accent. D-O-N-K-E-Y.hes in a band called More than Life. if you ever see them give him shit and tell him i sent yer. ............i digress. heres your way a day to keep the doctor away and old age at bay...
1st is the WASTELANDS - If its not there make it happen . DIY
2nd was HEREFORD - GREAT POOL and mini CAPSULE QUARTER. scooter rat free suprisingly
end of the garden , the 3rd was THE SHED, watch for the low beam, if not you are dead dead DEAD

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


the sheep are diverted by the two ugly sisters - flush the royal family

Thursday, 24 March 2011


new song from our new record - ENJOY


PROBLEMS TO THE ANSWER cover art by the main man PUTRID.  a multicoloured dayglo free zone .  clock his website here This release will be a limited picture disk aswell as cd. direct from ourselves will come with xtra razzamatazz for all you collectors. STAY TUNED

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


lp/cd masters for PROBLEMS TO THE ANSWER done last.

Hi De Hi

Out and about on me trails I went to see Su Pollard at the Liverpool Empire. For those who dont know or are to young she was in the MEGA 80s series Hi De Hi and You Rang M'lord and not forgetting Oh Doctor Beeching  Anyway....had a good gab after the theatre. Instead of saying "cheese" for the foto. Su blurted out SEX insted. Shes off her head . Time to break out all me box sets once again....GET INTO IT


last day of mixing. long 4 days to mix the amount of songs. get a brew on. and another and another and another

last licks from the broomstick
well...we said this was last day of mixing. ended up having a second .purely because there was so many to do. farty little fixes take time . another 14 hour marathon ironed all the creases.


turning in marillion is a gradual process. formulated over time. morphing into reality....

Thursday, 3 March 2011

BRUM down to BRUM

Job done.Fox,Barney and Mark. got to the studio in birmingham,showed Barney the songs and he annihilated them in about half an warming up,no arsing round,just right in.nice one! Last two days of recording next tues and weds.crunch time!

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Having this many songs, 4 days solid of em  = throat shred.


 EQUALS slinking off to see Aladdin panto in town. It was pressnight ,  buzzzin  about with Pammy and Les.

"Do you like heavy metal pam?"  ,    "YER!" (in a trading places stylee)
"Do you like heavy metal les?"   ,  " i doooont reeeeeeeally knooooooow"


Started on some bass today,this is what im going through-lovely sansamp rbi into a warwick x-treme head.dunno whats extreme about does have a ‘growl’ dial which im too scared too try.nice head though,and the people at warwick are sound.


doing a from me to you bit.....

Add caption

magic hand


Jmp 1 pre amp into a fender bassman head into this little merseybeat beast

1978 marshall jmp via a rat pedal into here


Knife yobs,rapists,uzi’s,cheque cashing shops and x factor.the world in one city.long live the echo

Pete’s jackson couldn’t handle the hand of broom,so rob’s gibson nighthawk steps in to save the rhymes with shitehawk,so i can’t possibly see how this is a bad thing.

Heavy metal weapon on choice number 1,pete’s ibanez. Currently on song 14, those wrists going strong!

Heavy metal weapon number 2.jackson warrior.reminds me of chuck schuldiner,similar shape to his guitar.chuck


and wer off....
death from above

working hard

list of deth