Saturday, 18 December 2010


Having this many songs, 4 days solid of em  = throat shred.


 EQUALS slinking off to see Aladdin panto in town. It was pressnight ,  buzzzin  about with Pammy and Les.

"Do you like heavy metal pam?"  ,    "YER!" (in a trading places stylee)
"Do you like heavy metal les?"   ,  " i doooont reeeeeeeally knooooooow"


Started on some bass today,this is what im going through-lovely sansamp rbi into a warwick x-treme head.dunno whats extreme about does have a ‘growl’ dial which im too scared too try.nice head though,and the people at warwick are sound.


doing a from me to you bit.....

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magic hand


Jmp 1 pre amp into a fender bassman head into this little merseybeat beast

1978 marshall jmp via a rat pedal into here


Knife yobs,rapists,uzi’s,cheque cashing shops and x factor.the world in one city.long live the echo

Pete’s jackson couldn’t handle the hand of broom,so rob’s gibson nighthawk steps in to save the rhymes with shitehawk,so i can’t possibly see how this is a bad thing.

Heavy metal weapon on choice number 1,pete’s ibanez. Currently on song 14, those wrists going strong!

Heavy metal weapon number 2.jackson warrior.reminds me of chuck schuldiner,similar shape to his guitar.chuck


and wer off....
death from above

working hard

list of deth

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Merry ChristmaSSS

We decided to make a Christmas song.....

Just like the greats that have come before us Slade, Wizzard, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Shakin Stevens, Band Aid and FEAR , that have all placed themselves firmly in our hearts and on cheap cds at this time of year . Now heres our meager festive rattler that will be played at family discos for years to come.........

Download MP3 here


blind tradition , superstition , once again invades our lives
a solstice hijack , one day panic of excess gluttony and greed
pester power to make 'em happy , left with debts they never see
buy on platic , total dogshit noone wants or even needs

MERRY CHRISTMAS - on impulse you buy it , feel good as you swipe it
MERRY CHRISTMAS - you need that fad gadget they hyped you about

yer house is warm 'n' homely , peek in the oven take a breath
crispin' skin , basted flesh , soon taste the stink of death
rover , mogs and polly , loved family pets are safe
but the nameless and the faceless get dished up on your plate

MERRY CHRISTMAS - carved up , served up , trimmings on the side
MERRY CHRISTMAS - unknowing till their time , stare up wonder why?......WHY?

on the eve your set for the big day
midnight mass guilt for the one time you pray
wish list is wrapped and under the tree
festive slice of life , you smile as you feast



Earache Records caught up with SSS frontman Foxy to quiz him about all
things Christmas:

Q: Why have you done a free Christmas song?

Foxy: "We are following in the footsteps of some of the greatest Christmas
songs ever written from yesteryear - Slade, Wizzard, Bing Crosby, Nat King
Cole, Shakin Stevens, FEAR and Band Aid .They have all placed themselves
firmly in our hearts and on cheap Christmas compilation CDs at this time of year. 

Now here's our meagre festive rattler that will be played for years
to come at family discos for years to come"

Q: Did you enjoy Christmas as a kid?

Foxy: "What's not to like about Christmas when you are a kid? A time when
there was actual snow at Christmas. Being the first in the yard and lining
up snowballs to lob at your mates and teachers. Skidding in one strip on
the ice until the caretaker dumps grit on it. Making cards, crackers (out
of a toilet roll), cotton wool snowmen and calendars. Mucking around as a
king in the nativity play and changing the words to the carols, "While
shepherds wash their socks night...". Bringing toys in on the last day of
term was always a doss. A big countdown to a day you thought wouldn't ever
come, so you get to your pit early, try to sleep, then wake up with a
stocking on the end of your bed full with all sorts of stuff, mosh into all
your presents and play out the front of your house, get cold, then back for
your dinner and watch Star Wars. Then play with everything properly on
boxing day. Bingo.

"As you got older, what was a bit of fun at the end of the year, I found out
it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The warm drink was laced with 
supernatural religion brainwashing ,coupled with the fact my Mum 
worked herself to the bone to get us presents and not some obscure 
Greek bishop who lived in Turkey, that has a Dutch name and was 
supposed to deliver free presents to the world all in one night to all the 
good boys and girls. 
Once that penny dropped, I unsubscribed."

Q: Are you a bit of a scrooge?

Foxy: "I enjoy this time of year as the winter season, the freezing cold,
the early nights and to bring some light in the darkest time of the year,
reflecting on the year and looking forward to the forthcoming one. 
I'm up for that.

"I just don't like or enjoy the way that it's been turned into an
obligation, a pious deception, an ugly time of over-consumption, bickering and
waste. The materials to make and deliver 10 million Christmas cards is off
the scale. 7.75 million trees to be cut down to prop up fairies for 2
weeks, 10 million turkeys will roast into oblivion, wasting 3,000 tons of
foil in the cooking process. In excess of 20 billion will be used on credit
cards with many families turning to high interest and "doorstep lenders" to
cover any shortfall. 135,000 tons of waste plastic alone, waste wrapping
paper (82km^2) to wrap up Guernsey in, with a high proportion ending in a
landfill as opposed to being recycled. What's worse than this type of
Christmas? On some levels Scrooge was right."

Q: What do you eat on Christmas day?

Foxy: "A souped up Sunday dinner that becomes a Christmas dinner. The king
of dinners. 8 types of locally grown veg including parsnips roasted in golden syrup,
home made stuffing (fuck paxo), yorkshire puds, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, apple sauce! 
Im not into roast potatoes mind ,so mine are mashed+vegi sausage and proper onion gravy. 
Home made Christmas pudding and mince pies and coffee for afters. 
Just no dead stuff on my plate and no booze in my pudding either. 
A small meagre feast within my means without going overboard. 
Less is more. Merry ChristmaSSS to everyone."

Monday, 6 December 2010

DAY TWO for #3

So we started recording our 3rd Lp this weekend with Rob "fortnightly" Whitley. Didnt know if we would have to postpone a week as Dave has been ill. but la MACHINE has rattled 20 over two days drum tracking. Mega going for someone on antibiotics with some mad death virus. Always daunting and mega at the same time to go into a studio. All the bits of music fall into place after everyone squeezing the last drops out and some how turn them into songs.  very civilized. no zany mad studio antics - just head down. get the job done. Saw the fog it roll up the Mersey on Sunday night. Wiped out everything. Place is all white. The heating is full on in studio as A.its freezin and B. its not our 'lecky bill.....
So we broke the half way point aswell. its all downhill from we wrote an xtra one and have words boxed off to boot. BANG. 

NEW BIRD behnd studio - iced

Friday, 3 December 2010


forgot this gig was evin on last night after practice.........
MARSEILLE (formed in 1976)  has Neil Buchanan on lead guitar
For the uninitiated he was on Number 73 and Art Attack
Art Attack was a program for kids to make stuff out of nowt
(the end BIG Art Attack was the best bit - made out of fabric,driftwood etc etc)
Staple saturday morning/after school tv foder for all kids in the uk in the 80s
anyway. he dosnt mince about playing guitar. HE KILLS IT
Shame he didnt have a music program then............or even now
as he could teach a lot of kids whats what
was MEGA all the way

Licks on the new SSS lp to follow........


MARSEILLE live in Leeds