Monday, 6 December 2010

DAY TWO for #3

So we started recording our 3rd Lp this weekend with Rob "fortnightly" Whitley. Didnt know if we would have to postpone a week as Dave has been ill. but la MACHINE has rattled 20 over two days drum tracking. Mega going for someone on antibiotics with some mad death virus. Always daunting and mega at the same time to go into a studio. All the bits of music fall into place after everyone squeezing the last drops out and some how turn them into songs.  very civilized. no zany mad studio antics - just head down. get the job done. Saw the fog it roll up the Mersey on Sunday night. Wiped out everything. Place is all white. The heating is full on in studio as A.its freezin and B. its not our 'lecky bill.....
So we broke the half way point aswell. its all downhill from we wrote an xtra one and have words boxed off to boot. BANG. 

NEW BIRD behnd studio - iced

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