Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Stayed at main man Grims in Newport on the way home from COrnwall. Park to park in this yellow sports car of his. Seat right back ala Hightower in Police Academy, head out the sunroof. Did these 3 parks in a day. Best thing done in ages. The mob we were with was a laugh. Had "Baby James" in the back with us. Talking about bands and he came out with "Curruption of Conformity". and "Dee-lin-ger escape plan" in this wooly back southern accent. D-O-N-K-E-Y.hes in a band called More than Life. if you ever see them give him shit and tell him i sent yer. ............i digress. heres your way a day to keep the doctor away and old age at bay...
1st is the WASTELANDS - If its not there make it happen . DIY
2nd was HEREFORD - GREAT POOL and mini CAPSULE QUARTER. scooter rat free suprisingly
end of the garden , the 3rd was THE SHED, watch for the low beam, if not you are dead dead DEAD

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