Friday, 8 July 2011

Dismembered arm.....but the body and head live

Its all happening but what does it all mean? Time to join the dots - for people who may not be familiar with recent events. Rupert Murdoch owns news corporation. An organisation that controls a vast amount of daily newspapers and subscription tv, read and watched by millions each and everyday has come upstuck once again. It hasnt been the first time the organisation has come under fire over the decades. Close to home ,The Sun newspaper  in april 1989 reported untruths about Liverpool football fans at the disaster that took place at Hillsborough were 96 football fans died.
The song 3:06 was written on our last record "The Dividing Line" railing aginst the lack of  investigation and cover up from the south yorkshire police. 
A 22 year boycott of the Sun newspaper is still strong in our city today.  Dont by the Sun campaign 

Again News corp is underfire. The Suns sister tabloid newspaper the News of the World will be no more after this sunday. Its downfall was due to the withdraw of major advertising and public boycott over the outrage of phone hacking and the subsequent underhanded sensational  stories that ended up in print .  

"Cathode Control" was written primarily about TV but its applicable to all forms of media.  
How what we view and read shapes our own aswell as public opinions
 How our appetite for salicious gossip is more important than true news and real discussion

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