Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Grabke wallride fot in RAD mag. THICK COPING
So we played Casseopia in Berlin last night.Our 2nd time in this city. (mor pics sooon) the place shits on everything in the uk. They have a outdoor cinema,( showing some ben yawn stiller film) - eased, a climbing walls on this old building, bars, cafes, MEGA sk8park, venue, grafitti everywere. No problems, No noise, No violence. people police themselves we got told. VERY rare to see the coppers. people flying round on bikes everywere. Bikes have the right of way on the road just like Holland. Great stuff.  So went the Berlin wall.Checkpoint Charlie. INFO---->>>   BERLIN WALL history click here in the morn. Mad to think that this wall and its infamous "death strip" once existed.I remember when this came down too. watched it on the telly. and it wernt that twat hasselhoff that did it neither. After admiring the remains-went to a vegan burger cafe that served up 25 differnt types of hellfire. it was called Yo Yo's. Everywere we went there was vegi places. cafes. mello atmospher. people coming and going. bikes , bikes, bikes. Advise a visit soon if you havent bin.

Ronald Reagan famously said: "Mr. Hasselhoff, tear down this wall!" - TWAT

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