Tuesday, 31 August 2010

XMAS EVE but in a crap way

14 hour drive overnight from Jaromer in Czech Republic to Ieper in Beligium.HELLRIDE. Adam our driver put the hours in on this one. Fuck me what a trooper. Arrived at 8am. Walked into town and let Ad sleep. Have been to Ieper lots of time over the years, from when the festival was in the old market in town in the mid 90s. RIP the ourdoor swimming pool. Ieper has always had its organisation sharp. Vegan/vegi food for everyone. Recycling everything. always too many mosh type bands chuggin on c and preaching about what hardcore is and isnt. yawn yawn yawn..  i can get over that as always a couple of standouts bands that arnt full of shit. Walk round the town and see the allready seen sights. the town is "nice". and looked after well. hear some english voices which turn my stomach. they mean we are on our way home. urgh. back to turd island.  One place always goto is the chocolate shop in the main square for orange peel dipped in dark chocolate - MEGA STUFF. and we sit in a cafe and get some belgium waffles, t and coffee for brekfast.

Gig is far better than yesterday. We play in a rammed circus tent - which is a good job as the weather is on and off all day. right before 7 seconds played it pissed down on the openair stage. worst strait down hell rain possible. mud bath central. Yesterday is in the past.  fuckit.  We play hard, tight and fast . ieper has made up for it BIGTIME.

7Seconds/SSS vans swimming

Rollins? / Biohazard / tail combo
lad who had this put me on the correct bus. thanks

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