Tuesday, 10 August 2010


foxy and dave have gone raving. me and pete are in some euro house. there`s mental little dogs here. gig tonight was a belter. people actually turned out to see us. probably more people that we`d ever get in the uk. the headline gigs have been a pleasant suprise, good venues, and people turning up and watching, and seemingly enjoying it, even on a sun, mon and tues night, traditionally dead nights for gigs, pretty much anywhere. tomorrow is a wednesday in cheminiz, we`ll see what thats like. ive heard good things about the place though. theres a big karl marx statue which i want to see. the town was named after him till 92 i think.

slovakia was good last night, too. first time there. i swerved the food though, ive got the runs BAD. not a pleasant sight.

almost bed time, before the rabble come home. long drive today, so knackered, even though i did nothing, our driver adam is giving it loads.
watched green zone today - boring. watched the last few episodes of party down - dead good.
listened to a few episodes of the mary whitehouse experience - does not stand up the test of time. shit.
albums that got me from bratislava to berlin-
paul mccartney - mccartney II
the streets - the hardest way to make an easy living
smoking popes - destination failure
pansy division - deflowered.

there you go. all good fun - a few days left then back to shitty work and to normal. at least the footy season starts soon.

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