Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Stay to the death and kipped in hostel with Agnostic Front. At one point they has 57 stage potatoes watching them. so much so that they curled round in front of the bass player so he couldnt see out. the twat infront was even  rolling a cig as they played. CLASSIC arrogance. was Stigma even turned on?..anyway. brekfast and out. i feel gutted that the tour is coming to an end. On the ferry and hearing voices i can understand . keith barron twat lookalikes ala "DUTY FREE" , all buying toblerones and crap scent. the newspapers full of doom and gloom and the food is crap. chips with chips. PLEASE get the back doors open and let us sink. Back down to earth with a bump and we defo getting pushed over the edge as we off to  Newport, Wales. A mega dump that spawned Goldie Looking Chain, Josie Derby and Q from James Bond.  le Pub is always cool and make us feel welcome. Last time we played here was when Dave had penumonia and we had a telly behind the kit with him headbaging from his hozzy bed while we mp3 the drum tracks through the pa. Grim from FREESTYLE Sk8 shop grid is a welcoming rancid sight. The curry house next door  with the smack head blue vein lights wer u eat,  fills our guts and we play with the COLD ONES from back home. play xtra songs as its the last gig. Purple reign gets an outing. Then thats it. WRECK and ANNOY tour is done.............home time

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