Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Brutal Assault is the biggest festival we have on this run. and as such, the biggest one we looking forward to. 30,000 or something like that. its massive. 2 massive stages in some sort of old army barracks.. All kinds of bands playing over 3 days. anticipation rockets. What should of been the best gig.............. ended up as the worst. On stage things wer plugged in wrong. ponytail 1 the dozy twat has wired in wrong .ponytail 2 the monitor tit dosnt know what day it is. just looking at the soundboard with no clue. and thus more guitar turns into deafening drums. The language barrier evaporates as both spastics understand our anger towards them and the V's fly. To add insult to injury, when we doin FINALLY get going. one of them runs past and breaks Marks lead. Fucking schoolboy error. Replace the lead. dosnt work. Replace the head, no joy.replace the cab. still nowt, replace the bass guitar itself. nope. mayaswell fucking replace mark himself and get the set. Turns out that Mark was given a broken cable as a replacement. FARCE. We play and we done. We get an big apology from the promoter with a promise of being asked back. End up  walking around the whole place to cool down. saw some tanks and guns , eating our dinner backstage with Sepultura and watching Obituary on the same stage we wer on. 

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